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Recreate The New Windows 8 Logo Using CSS

Windows 8 is a part of Microsoft Windows family. As we all know that Microsoft has revealed the new Windows 8 logo. I would say this is the first major redesign in 22 years. And since most of us
use Windows every day, that’s a fairly big deal.

Recreate Microsoft New Logo Using CSS

As we all know Microsoft has changed their logo and revealed a new logo. The logo was evolved since 1975, first changed in 1980, then 1982 and again in 1987. After a long 25 years the logo remained unchanged as it appeared in 1987. The logo contains a Symbol of four colored squares and Logotype. This represents the Microsoft’s more-focused consumer product line; Windows 8(the light blue), Office (the orangey-red), Xbox (the light green), Windows Phone and Surface Tablets (the dark yellow). Professional PDF designers suggest that this logo is created by using Adobe Illustrator CS5.

SEO Tips For Food Bloggers: Marketing Made Easy

Rand Fishkin discusses some good SEO tips for food bloggers and for the newbies – like why search matters so much, making an SEO-Friendly site, quick setup guide for bloggers
and for the newbies, choosing keywords and how to optimize your pages, linking building tips and more to action tips.

Here is a slider showing SEO for Food Bloggers. Take a look.     

A Tour To History Of Printing - A Timeline

The history of printing started around 3000 BC with the duplication of images. Printing began as an attempt to make easier the production of multiple copies of documents, fabrics, and so on. Nowadays, printing is seen as fundamental for
many industries, such as commercial, law, religion and others. Printing has become part and parcel of our life, without us noticing. Businesses print business cards, envelope, flyers, brochures, and letterheads. Individuals print announcement cards, bookmarks, posters, postcards, and others.

The Best Top 11 Features Of Windows 8

After many, many months of talking about Windows 8, Microsoft officially released the new operating system on 26th of October 2012. Windows 8 already comes with a huge list of
changes which contains more than 300 new features and several new capabilities.

Here is an Infographic showing the best top 11 features in windows 8. Just take a look.

31 Unique And Awesome Facebook Timeline Covers

Showcasing Facebook timeline covers for your profile. Today we’re rounded up 31 Unique and Awesome Facebook timeline covers

And let’s see how you will setup them in your Facebook timeline.

Add jQuery Color Fading Menu to Blogger

Today I am sharing a simple dark jQuery color fading menu to blogger blog. This menu has a one step installation process. This menu has a simple and attractive look and feel effect.
You can use this to beautify your blog to make it more appealing to your readers.

10 Creative Christmas And New Year 2013 Facebook Timeline Covers

Today we’re rounded up 10 Creative Christmas and New Year 2013 Facebook Timeline covers. And let’s see how website designers setup their Facebook Timeline Cover this
Christmas and New Year. 

Merry Christmas and a very prosperous New Year 2013 to all my fans, visitors and my readers.

Add jQuery Image Hover Fade Effect to Blog/Website

This quick tutorial explains how to add jQuery image hover fade effect to blogger blog or website. This is very easy and you can do this less than a minute. But this effect will add
some attractive appearance to your blog or web site. You can look at the screenshot here and follow the steps below to do this.

Stylish & Cute Subscription Form Widget For Blog/Website

Most of peoples want simple, clean yet Stylish and Cute Subscription Form for their blogs. Today we came with Stylish and Cute Subscription Form Widget for Blogspot Blogs
and Wordpress. This widget will keep your sidebar neat and clean and will surely attract visitors to Subscribe for your daily updates via Email. This widget has some CSS effects and is easy to customize. Follow following steps to add this Stylish and Cute Subscription Form Widget to Blogspot and Wordpress.

Put A Lovely Facebook Like Box Below Each Post For Blogger

This gadget has a nice lovely designed box with a Facebook like and share button and also a link to your Facebook fan page for boosting your blog/website fans; what else you want?
Get ready to see the awesome elegance in action which will develop your blog/website. Let’s move to the tutorial.

Transparent Sticky Bar With Subscribe|Like|Follow Link For Blogger

Add a transparent sticky bar to your blogger blog as to grab the attention of all visitors. A sticky bar is now used widely by many blogs/websites for notifying visitors of important updates, offers, latest news etc.

Customize YouTube Videos Layouts With Attractive Background Images In Blog Posts

You can upload videos directly or from any other video sharing site to your blog/website. If you would like to share a video from YouTube, you can do that too. But when we embed YouTube videos in your blog/website, it's more or less
of attraction because of its dull looks or style in it. But by adding cool attractive background image to your videos, it can give a different look and feel to your YouTube videos resulting to an increase of potential viewers.

Amazing Email Subscription Box with Hover Effect For Blogger

If you have a blog/website, you should offer visitors a way to subscribe to new posts via e-mail. This means they can receive new posts via e-mail without having to visit your blog.
For that purpose you need an email subscription box in your blog/website.

Make all Links Open In New Tab For Blogger

If your blog/website is like mine where visitors only come once in a blue moon. In this tutorial, I am going to share how to open all web links or hyperlinks in new tabs. You might have all kinds of reasons as to why you want to have your
links to open in new tabs. If I had to guess, I would say you want your readers to keep exploring and crawling your blog/website while always having a chance of going back to the referring page (where they came from).

Smooth & Sexy Expand On Hover Social Buttons For Blogger

As we all know every blog/website have some kind of social sharing button widget. The social buttons widget we are going to share today will do the same to a certain extent as we have shared some of them before inour previous tutorials.The
widget looks neat and clean in your sidebar or anywhere else with a smooth and sexy expand on hover effect which will tempt the reader to click the button at least once. The effect once again comes with help of our favorite CSS3 transitions. Make sure that we are not going to force the readers to click on the buttons. We are just trying to increase of the chances of clicking by giving some cool effects to the buttons. Have a look at the live demo and if you find it amazing or just want to give it a try, then get on with the tutorial to add it on your blog/website.

Gmail's New Interface for Composing Emails

Google introduced a new way to compose messages in Gmail. Instead of loading a whole new “compose” screen, you can now start a new email in a popup window. The new compose
looks like a Gmail chat window, though the “compose” version is a bit bigger.

Google Upgrades Gmail Video Chat With Google+ Hangouts

Google has replaced existing Gmail video chat with Google+ Hangouts. They have come out with an upgraded version of video chatting feature. They have worked in improving the quality and performance of Gmail video chats, and if users
have Google+ accounts, they will be able to communicate with multiple people as long as all have Google+ accounts.

‘No Ordinary’ Social Subscription Widget For Blogger

This Social SubscriptionWidgets is created with the aim of advertising and improving traffic of your blog/website. It has the potential to increase your fans on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, on other social networks and can make you popular
on various internet sites. Your visitors will also get an opportunity to hook up with you on your other networks and all these functions are just in one gadget. This gadget has almost everything you need to advertise your blog/website and improve lovers, readers and visitors.   

Manage Multiple Gmail Accounts and Check Email at One Place

This tutorial describes how you can use Multiple inboxes- a Gmail Labs feature, that lets you check all your email’s at one place. You may have 4 or 5 email accounts but you can check all the incoming mails from your primary email account at Gmail.

Premium Thesis Email Subscription Widget For Blogger

Today, I will show you how to add a premium thesis email subscription widget to blogger blog. This widget contains links to all of your major social profiles like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, RSS Feed and YouTube. Also there is an
awesome Email Subscription Box below it which is there to increase your feedburner subscribers. There is also an attractive message banner for you visitors and your loyal readers. You can display any message which attracts your visitors to get subscribed. You can get this on your blog/website sidebar in few steps given below.

Pure CSS3 Cool Buttons For Your Blog/Website

This time we are sharing cool CSS3 buttons set. This button set contains buttons of 6 different colors (Pink, Green, Blue, Red, Orange and Yellow) and 2 sizes (Large and Medium). You can add these buttons in 2 steps into your Blog/Website,
also the usage of the buttons is easy. You can add more colors if you know some CSS3. CSS3 buttons are really very useful for any Blog/Website because they load fast and don’t put any impact on the loading time. 

Add Custom Facebook Like Box to Blogger V2

Facebook Like Box in your blog/website is probably the easiest way to attract new fans to your facebook fan page. In my previous tutorial I have shown you how to add a stylish
custom Facebook Like Box to Blogger V1. Here, I present you another stylish customized facebook like box for blogger blog.

Add Simple Stylish Subscription Box To Blogger

Making your blog attractive for that there are many things which can help your blog look beautiful. Widgets are one of them and this widget contains a set of benefits first it have a
Feedburner Subscription Button, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and twitter follow me button. You can get this on your blog sidebar in few steps given below.

Add Custom Facebook Like Box to Blogger V1

If you are thinking of re-stlye your blogger template and looking for a facebook like box widget. Here, I present you a stylish customized facebook like box for blogger blog. Since it
is better to have your own custom widgets in your blog which can easily be styled and customized to blend you blogger template.

Add Flying Twitter Bird To Blogger and Wordpress

Twitter has become a big social media to endorse through. Everyone is familiar this social media where you can tweet and follow others and more. Today, I am going to share a
plugin called 'Flying Twitter Bird', this plugin actually has a cute twitter bird fly over on your blog/website and when you hover over it will show some text appearing to tweet and follow. When you click on it will take you to the linked twitter page.

3D Floating Social Subscribe Buttons With Hover Effect

Today, I will show you how to add cool 3D floating social subscribe buttons with hover effect for blogger. These buttons include Facebook, Twitter, RSS, Google+ page links. These
dull black and white social buttons float on the right side of the blogger blog and on hovering over they transforms into 3D colorful buttons. These buttons have a great appealing looks and also attracts visitors and your loyal readers.

Slide Out Social Bookmarking Widget For Blogger

Today,  I will show you how to add slide out social  bookmarking widget to blogger blogs. In my previous tutorial I have shown you a 4-in-1 social subscription slide out gadget quite similar to this.  Previously the gadget was floating on the right side but this widget float on the left
side of the page and whenever someone hover over this they can see various social bookmarking buttons slide out.

Here I am providing a live demo for this widget so that you can find it how it actually visible. Click the below button:

Evolution of Android – From Angel Cake to Jelly Bean

The Android OS is currently dominating the smartphone market. Have you ever wondered, how it all started? This OS was the product of a lesser known startup called Android Inc.
This small company was then bought by Google for pursuing its smartphone ambitions. Interestingly, Google has named all the versions in an alphabetic order.

Add Stickybar with Facebook Like Button to Blogger

You can add stickybar in blogger blogs by showing the bar at the top of header to grab the attention of all visitors. A sticky bar is now used widely by many blogs/websites for notifying
visitors of important updates, offers, latest news etc.
Stickybar is just a custom version of hello bar but it has no Ads. There is a social plugin (Facebook Like Button) added which will help you increase your fan following. View the demo below to see the bar working.

Disable Right Click in Blog/Website

If you are worried about your content on your blog/website and don't want it to be copied by others then given JavaScript code snippet can help you. This code simply disables the Right 
click on your blog. Disabling right click on blog/website is only for security purpose, which protects you text or images from being copied. 

How You Can Find Facebook Id’s?

When we Sign up for Facebook we get our own profile link just like After getting 25 or more likes for our profile page from our
friends then only Facebook allows us to choose our known customize username. We get a link like this

Add Facebook Like Box with Social Sharing Subscription Widget to Blogger

Today I will show you how to add a facebook like box along with beautiful social sharing subscription box at the bottom of every post. This will help you to increase your facebook fan
page likes tremendously and add more subscribes to your posts. Readers get more attracted to it because of its awesome look.   

Add Twitter Follow Box to Blogger

The Twitter Follow Box is quite similar to Facebook Like Box. Twitter Follow Box always displays the 10 followers at a time. When someone clicks the "Follow" button, a popup appears 
for them to login to their Twitter account. Once authorized, the popup closes and the Fan Box updates to show their Twitter profile image in the box.

Introduction to Google PageRank – A Guide for Webmasters

PageRank algorithm was developed by Google’s founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin at the Stanford University and it is believed to be one of the most important algorithm ever
designed for the web. Currently PageRank is patented by Stanford University and the name is believed to be derived from Larry Page.

Add Touch Me Social Sharing Widget for Blogger

I have presented you many gadgets before for Blogger. Today, I present you a special and very attractive social sharing “Touch Me” gadget. Due to it’s great appealing look
and mouse hover touch me effect attract visitors and your loyal readers to roll hover the cursor and hit them.

List of Websites with Google PageRank 10 and 9

Google PageRank is basically an algorithm or formula which is used to determine the importance of any website on the web. A website with a higher PageRank tends to have better SEO
(Search Engine Optimization). Higher the PageRank makes websites to view on the front page of the Google Search results and also receives more traffic.

How to Customize Facebook Chat

Today, Facebook is one of the top most popular social networking website, with over one billion active users (according to Mashable). One of the most useful Facebook applications is its chat service, which allows users to communicate instantly with their friends and family. But helpless with the limited function in Facebook Chat. Facebook chat has no option for emoticons or font size. Also you can’t even move the chat box around your screen. It is fixed to the browser.

Facebook Accepts 3 Forms of Your Password

Yes! Facebook accepts three forms of passwords. Isn't it confusing even shocking too, I was also having the same reaction until I tried it my self on Facebook to believe it. As
we know Facebook has multiple login options like you can use your e-mail address, your Facebook profile user name(your vanity URL), or you can use your registered mobile number associated to Facebook. But how can a Facebook profile accept three passwords forms?

Custom 404 Error Page for Blogger

Blogger introduced to new Search preferences for BlogSpot blogs. One of the features was "Errors and redirections" in simple we can say the "404 Error" page that appears
when a broken link is clicked which tells the visitor that the page no more exits. By default, your Blogger Error Page will display an error message in a grey box like this.

Mashable Style Social Sharing Box for Blogger

The best way to promote a blog is to share the content with different social media blog/websites. The great social media blog/website Mashable is always an inspiration in whatever they do. This is a great wordpress plugin created by 
inspiredmagz and they named it as mashable style social sharing box. This plugin is the converted version and is compatible to blogger. This widget can now be used in every blogger blog just with an extremely easy installation step.