How To Check A Seagate Hard Disk Warranty Status Online

When your PC’s hard disk stops working, you may think it is time to go buy a new one. However, many hard disks come with a warranty that will enable you to get your hard disk replaced free. If you have a Seagate hard disk that has stopped working correctly, you may want to check the warranty on the hard disk to see if it’s eligible for replacement. Seagate’s website makes this a simple process.

Instructions to check warranty of Seagate hard disk online

  1. Locate the serial number and model number for your hard disk. This is usually found on the hard disk itself, so unless you purchased the hard disk separately, you will need to take your computer apart to access the hard disk. Write all the information down on a piece of paper.

2.      Visit the Seagate Warranty Validation page.

3.      Type in your serial number, part number, select a country and type in the CAPTCHA code.

4.      Click “Submit.” Seagate will inform you as to your hard disk’s warranty status. If no information is found, double-check the serial number and re-enter it. If this does not work, call Seagate at 800-732-4283 to have them manually check the warranty information.

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