Social Networking Site’s – Facts, Advantages & Disadvantage

Social Networking Site?

Social networking sites can be defined as a virtual place available on the internet basically on the World Wide Web (www) through social media, where users can create communicate within their interested social network, they can share ideas, activities, events, watch and listen music, play games send and receive messages and many more other interesting activities. It also gives a platform to the users to create their own virtual social space where they can upload or publish their own information. 

Revolution in Social Networking Sites

Before the second Millennium social networking sites does not had any deeper impact on users of internet, even there were very few websites that offer internet users a virtual place on internet to interact with other users. But after the year 2000 a kind of internet revolution came, and especially a huge increase and improvement has been seen in social networking sites. Many new sites came into view, these sites had very interesting user interface with lots of features to attract it users.
Gone are the day when World Wide Web were just a place to search some information, social networking sites has revolutionized the meaning and use of world wide web, now it's a great source to link and be in touch with those who are sitting miles apart geographically. These sites have given a platform to find out our long-lost school and childhood friends. These sites, not only growing the number of users of these sites, but also helps to shape a new dimension to the marketing industry! The most important factor behind the success of this revolution is the freedom of expression of thoughts. People freely express their thought with the world, by accessing from any corner of the globe. Millions of users use these sites daily and take part in huge numbers of various activities on these sites. These activities are itself a good example of Revolution in social networking sites.


Some popular social networking sites:

Here are some popular social networking sites which are leading the cyber world.

·  Facebook
·  Twitter
·  LinkedIn
·  Zorpia 
·  My Space 
·  Google Plus+ 
·  Ibibo
·  Orkut
·  Tagged
·  Pinterest

and there are many more.

Advantage of social networking sites:

These sites are running and used successfully in whole world, because of their advantages and benefits. What are these benefits? I have listed here,
·  These sites give users a platform across the globe to express their feelings and views.
·  It helps users to get interact with other users, no matter from where s/he operates these sites in world.
·  These sites help users to organize and participate in any events.
·  Social networking sites help us to find our long-lost and childhood friends and relatives. 
·  These sites help many love birds to find and meet their soul mates. 
·  It is a great source of communication between two users, irrespective of the distance between them. 
·  These sites help users to refresh their mind and mood, as it is a great source of entertainment and gaming.
·  It helps to give rise some newcomers in the world of music, acting, drama, and other arts. 
·  SNS boosts many organizations and business, through their promotions on these sites.
·  It helps in building credibility amongst the customers.
·  It helps to make people and community aware of any issue.
·  It helps to bring social change in society.
·  It helps to be in touch with our interested, loved ones, relevant group or people or community. 
·  These sites are not only a source of creating social activities but also a great way to participate and enhance our skill through participating in many contests and activities. 
·  Many people even can win many prizes through these sites. 
·  These sites also help in terms of educations awareness and motivations though many educational groups and communities. 
·  Through these sites, users can easily get in touch with many celebrities and their updates.

And there can be many more other benefits of using these sites.


Disadvantages of social networking sites:

·  One of the major demerits of these sites are increment in criminal activities, as there is no hard restrictions on creating account on these sites.
·  Another important issue is security of our personal data and information, as its free to everyone, most of the users create face accounts and misuse the personal information of other users/celebrities.
·  Sometime some non genuine and face account users attacks to some religious communities and political groups. 
·  It encourages porno activities, and attacks many children and youths. 
·  These sites unnecessarily waste our valuable time, when user spend time on these sites and get addicted.
·  Addictions of these sites can even affect our mental conditions, sometime is became a big reason of depression and tension. 
·  It also affects our health directly.
·  User's reliability is not sure; it's very hard to trust on any stranger on these sites. 
·  Many of time it has been seen that it became the reason of one's death, as it becomes the medium to get in touch with the victim.
·  It affects children and youngster's studies. As they spend their valuable time on these sites and loss their studies and concentration. You can read about these bad effects of internet on children , and step of preventions. 
·  It encourages many scams.

Step that can be taken to avoid and prevent its disadvantages!

·  Impositions of some restriction on these sites by the government and cyber department of that country!
·  Proper counselling should be given to addicted users and students, regarding its bed effects and proper utilizations of these sites.
·  Social awareness programs can related to many scams running on these sites can also help users.
·  Parents-children interaction and counselling is also a good idea to prevent children from excessive use of these sites.
·  User's activeness is also necessary, if a user sees anything illegal, unnatural, and a kind of criminal activity they can "Report Abuse" that content. Report abuse is a feature in almost many sites to report a suspicious and non social content and activity, then the site admin would like onto that matter.
·  Avoid unnecessarily uploading of your personal data, including information's, pictures, and other things.
·  Setting time schedule for using these sites can also help in unnecessarily waste of time.

There can be some other ways too. 

Social networking sites are playing very significant role in today time; it has a direct impact on all age group people. Though it has many cons but still these are like an effective tool in communicating millions of people and spreading our expressions and view worldwide. We all need a change in the pattern of use, in order to prevent miss-happenings on these sites. If we will be active and aware these sites will serve us their batter and will bring some more revolution in the world of cyber technology. 

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