Introduction to Google PageRank – A Guide for Webmasters

PageRank algorithm was developed by Google’s founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin at the Stanford University and it is believed to be one of the most important algorithm ever
designed for the web. Currently PageRank is patented by Stanford University and the name is believed to be derived from Larry Page.

What is Google PageRank?

Google PageRank is basically an algorithm or formula which is used to determine the importance of any website on the web. It is probably one of the thousand factors which Google uses to determine the rank of any website during active search engine results. Since this algorithm is patented by federal law, no one other than Google knows the exact formula of PageRank and those who claim to tell you this formula only tells you based on certain conceptions. Google PageRank is calculated on the scale of 0 (worst) -10 (best). The more the PageRank, more is the website’s importance and authenticity in the web community.

How do I check my website’s Google PageRank?

There are so many online tools available that allows you to check your website’s PageRank. One of the famous and a great tool is PRCHECKER. This tool checks the PageRank and provides the results instantly. Once you have found out your website’s PageRank, you can easily conclude what the current number actually predicts. Here is the list of what the PageRank probably predicts for your website.

Rank #0: Not listed yet
Rank #1: Just listed, still a very poor rated site.
Rank #2: Poor site but on the way of its growth. Need some more efforts.
Rank #3: Among the most common sites. People have started following you and so do search engines.
Rank #4: Above average now. You are doing good. Continue the good work to grow more.
Rank #5: Great site. You are landing on first page search results most of the time.
Rank #6: Excellent site. Going along the medium or big corporate websites.
Rank #7: You are really producing some heat. People are following you, subscribing you instantly.
Rank #8: You are huge. The whole world is watching you. Among the top blogging websites.
Rank #9: Congrats, You are running along with Google and Yahoo.
Rank #10: You are the master of the web now. Be proud on your work.

Importance of Google PageRank

Well many people certainly believe that a good amount of traffic would get them a PageRank or the good PageRank will drive more traffic to their websites but you must know that this is not the case either. There is no sure rule that more traffic would help you get more PageRank. Similarly there is no sure rule that good PageRank will get you more traffic. But since a good PageRank means that you are putting up some good quality content to your website, others are providing you with a good backlink and people actually liking your work. Considering the above facts you are likely to get more traffic but as I told you before that this may not work always. What I mean to say is that PageRank is only one of those hundred reasons that can bring traffic to your website. You must consider other factors too.
Some of the facts clear and straight that every webmaster must know:
1. More traffic doesn’t mean more PageRank or vice-versa.
2. Yahoo or Dmoz listing doesn’t increase your PageRank.
3. Backlinks improve your PageRank significantly.
4. PageRank not only increases but it decreases too.
5. Bad Backlinks can decrease your PageRank.
6. Backlinks from and to similar sites have a greater impact on PageRank.
7. Backlinks from and to high PR sites have a greater impact on PageRank.
8. Backlinks from and to low PR sites doesn’t matter much to your PageRank if your PR is higher than its own.
9. More Alexa Rank doesn’t mean more PR. Both of them work on entirely different algorithms.
10. All Pages of your website may not necessarily have same PageRank.


As you know there is lots of gossip around regarding the Google PageRank and how to improve it. You must understand that getting a good PageRank is not a one day task and it takes many months or sometimes even years to get that. I certainly feel that the topic of PageRank should not be a part of your daily objective rather it should be considered on monthly or bi-monthly basis. A zero rank doesn’t mean that you are doing anything less as a your PageRank can jump instantly from zero to three as soon as Google makes its update which it likely makes after 3-4 months. This great algorithm definitely needs your respect but not much of your time and attention. What are your opinions on this?
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