10 Unique Low-power Lighting Options For Festivals

Make this festival look special by lighting up your house with unique accessories.

Source: Tech2.com

Diwali is the festival of lights and people from all castes and faiths are seen celebrating it with great joy. Preparations are done well in advance and you see people flocking markets buying gifts, sweets and decorations for their house. Speaking of decorations, you will usually find houses lit up with candles, diyas, string bulbs and a lot more. However, most of the lighting accessories available are very much the same and you will not find much difference between two decorated houses, except for the arrangement and the color of the lights. Most of these lights are not eco-friendly and tend to silently eat into your electricity bills, but the spirit of the festival blinds you towards such additional expenses and this fact is usually ignored. Lighting up your house with eco-friendly and low-powered lights are recommended as they not only cut down on your power bills, but will also light up efficiently and with a pleasant glow. Moreover, it will also be less taxing on the environment. Lighting options currently available in the market consist of regular filament-based bulbs and LEDs. These are usually imported from China and are definitely cheaper as they last you a few years. With Diwali around the corner, and Christmas and New Year following soon, why not be different this season and get yourself some lights that are cheap and completely different, and pique the interest of others. Here are some options.

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