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The 10 Smartest Web Analytics Tools

All website holders want their website to be attractive for the visitors. To make it so successful web analytics tools plays a very essential function. There are lots of web analytics tool are present that support website owners to figure out its visitors in an improved technique. Here, we described top ten web analytics tools that collect and analyses information of your webpage.

How To Share Google Doc Files

Online file storage offers you many benefits above local storage, similar to online backups, ease of access from any location and easy sharing of file with other people. Google Docs permits you to make and share any kind of Google Doc file, so you and others can simply work together on them online without the difficulty of mailing files to each other or frequently downloading and uploading files.

How To Increase Browsing Speed

This article will show you how to increase your productivity when your connection is slow. Many of these steps are also good tips for how to increase the speed of browsing.

Google Launches "Help For Hacked Sites" To Teach Webmasters Whose Sites Were Hacked

No site is fully immune to getting hacked, but there are some obvious things every site owner can do to make it a bit harder for hackers to break into a web server and add rogue links or take over a site completely. Google launched its new “Help for Hacked Sites” series to teach webmasters how to avoid getting hacked in the first place – and how to recover their sites if it happens.

The Best Google Doodles Created By Indian Students

By Arun Kumar Yadav (National Winner 2012), Kendriya Vidyalaya; India has diverse cultures, religions, languages, customs and traditions. This diversity can be witnessed in enthusiasm for sports; unique folk culture; extraordinary remarkable handicrafts; wide range of flora and fauna; agricultural practices with worldwide farming output; unparalleled spices and cuisines... Such colossal diversities represent Indias oneness.

Convert Your Mini / Micro SIM Into A Nano-SIM For Apple iPhone 5

As reported earlier, the iPhone 5 is already selling well in India through the grey market, even though it has not been officially launched. For those of you wondering how the new handset can be used in India, since it comes with a Nano-SIM slot that is smaller and thinner than regular SIMs. The guide describes a step-by-step procedure to craft the smaller SIM variant out of the full-size version using easily available tools such as a felt pen, scale, and sharp scissors. However, be warned that this is a risky method that can potentially render your SIM unusable. Click on the image below to download the template.

How To Design A Unique And Unforgettable Logo

Good logo designers are not only able to design you a professional logo, but they will also make sure that your logo is distinct and unique to create a long-lasting impression. There are of course a million logo designers out there who all have their unique and personal approach to this endeavor, and one who I have always had great admiration for is Graham Smith.

Graham runs a company called imjustcreative and is one of the very best when it comes to designing memorable, unforgettable and professional logos.

How To Use Google Search More Effectively

Many blog readers are already Google Search ninjas (even knowing obscure Google search tricks), but a recent study found that 3 out of 4 students don't search Google efficiently, and you probably know other people who could use some Googling help. This infographic is for them and it also might make a handy poster with reminders for basic tricks.

12 Beautiful jQuery Lightbox Plug-in For Web Designers

There are thousands of jQuery plug-ins available on the web that cover a wide range of functionality such as Ajax helpers, web services, data grids, dynamic lists, XML and XSLT tools, drag and drop, events, cookie handling, modal windows, even a jQuery-based Commodore 64 emulator.