10 Unique Low-power Lighting Options For Festivals

Make this festival look special by lighting up your house with unique accessories.

Stylish Custom Popular Post Widget For Blogger

Blogger allows us to easily add a "Popular Posts" widget, which we select from its list of gadgets, and we can do that by going to the "Layout" of our blog.

The 101 Most Useful Websites On The Internet Worth A Bookmark

The list primarily highlights the lesser known or undiscovered websites and misses out all-time favorites like Google, Wikipedia or IMDB that most of us are already aware of.

Stylish Pure CSS3 Image Slider For Blogger

Here I came up with a stylish pure CSS3 image slider for blogger. The slider is easier to customize for newbie, with a basic knowledge HTML and CSS.  This stylish slider is created by smashingmagazine.

Top 10 Indian Bloggers Of 2013

Many of these bloggers you probably already know. If not, visit their sites to see how they are building their success online. The blogs that was introduced here will have different niches because some of them on bloggers, Technologies, news, books and other professional activities. 

Some Useful Ways To Rescue Your Drowned Phone

Dropping your phone in the toilet is admittedly embarrassing, but you’re not alone. In fact, 1 out of 10 people have made the blunder at some point. When you have to fix a phone that fell in water, it’s important to do it right or you could do more damage.

All In One Social Subscription Widget For Blogger

So here I am sharing a new all in one social subscription widget for blogger which is quite appealing and compact. Social subscription links are most important for any website to bring much social points to your social accounts. It never been easier to do so but adding code to the website or blog can bring much positive response to your site. 

Add Official Google+ Badge Widget To Blogger

Hello Reader, today in this post we will check out another great social networks widget. Social Networks are playing a vital role in blogging. Social networks allow you to connect with your online readers and share stuff with them. They help your blog to get a good amount of referral traffic and to increase your readership.

Install Blogger Official Contact Form To Static Page With New Style

Blogger launched it’s official version of the Contact Form Widget but, it works only on the Blogger Sidebar. If you don’t want to add the contact form to your Blog’s sidebar but want it to appear on any static page, then this tutorial will help you out.

Make Your Computer Greet You

You can even make Windows Welcome you with a custom voice message at Startup.